One of our largest services at B&B Market is catering to you! There is no extent to what type of event we will cater whether it be a birthday, business function, funeral, graduation party, and everything in between. We strive to offer you a stress free event by offering a large variety of food options, beverages, desserts, paper products, delivery/cook on site, etc. all at a surprisingly affordable price.


Fruit Trays

Small     $30.00

Variety of fruits – Feeds 20 – 25 people

Large     $60.00

Variety of fruits – Feeds 40 – 50 people


Veggie Trays

Small     $20.00

Carrots, celery, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and dip. Feeds 20 – 25 people

Large     $40.00

Cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes and dip. Feeds 40 – 50 people. Extra dip (1 pint) – $4.00


Relish Trays

(green & black olives, kosher pickles, bread & butter pickles)

Small (feeds 30 – 40 people)       $20.00

Medium (feeds 60 – 70 people)     $30.00

Large (feeds 90 – 100 people)    $50.00


Bakery Items

Fresh Baked Dinner Rolls – sliced

(white & wheat available)

$2.99 per dozen

$3.50 per dozen (buttered)

Cut Rosebud Sheet-cake

¼ Sheet        $17.00   Feeds 24 people

½ Sheet       $27.00   Feeds 48 people

Full Sheet     $41.00   Feeds 96 people

Assorted Bars

.75 each


.50 each


Barbecue Items

Hotdogs                $2.00

(natural casing wieners)

Polish                     $2.00

Sloppy Joes             $2.00

Chicken Breasts        $3.00

BBQ Beef or Pork      $3.00

Brats                       $3.00

Hamburger               $3.00

Cheeseburger           $4.00

Porkchop on stick      $5.00

Beef Aujus on bun     $3.00

Warm Dishes

(3.00 per plate)

Macaroni Beef and Tomato Hot Dish

Augratin Potatoes and Ham

Scalloped potatoes and Ham

Mac Hamburger Cheese hot Dish

Mock Wild Rice Hot Dish

Lasagna / Garlic Bread ($4.50 per plate)


Warm Sides

(price per plate)

Captain Ken’s Baked Beans            $1.50

Augratin Potatoes                        $1.50

Mashed potatoes                         $1.50

Scalloped Potatoes                      $1.50


Cold Salads

(price per plate)

Creamy Coleslaw

Potato Salad

Pistachio Salad

Fruit Salad

Homemade Potato Salad

Chicken Salad

Monte Cristo Salad

Mock Crab Salad


Meat & Cheese Trays

Small              $15.00

2 meats, 2 cheeses – Feeds 8 – 10 people

Medium           $25.00

2 meats, 2 cheeses – Feeds 15 – 20 people

Large              $50.00

3 meats, 3 cheeses – Feeds 30 – 35 people

X-Large            $60.00

3 meats, 3 cheeses – Feeds 40 – 45 people

Choice of Meats

Ham, turkey smoked turkey, roast beef, thuringer, hard salami, summer sausage

Choice of Cheeses

America, hot pepper, cheddar (mild or sharp), colby, co-jack, swiss caraway, salami cheese, bacon cheese, swiss.

Bulk Pricing

Sloppy Joes………………………………………….$4.99/lb

Shredded Chicken (Plain or BBQ)…………..$5.99/lb

Shredded Pork (Plain or BBQ)………………..$5.99/lb

Shredded Beef (Plain or BBQ)………………..$5.99/lb

Roasted Turkey…………………………………….$5.99/lb


Also available:

Pig Roast, BBQ Wagon, Roaster Rental.

Please call for prices, or anything else you might like to try.


Lunch Menu

#1   Spaghetti, garlic bread, coleslaw

#2   Lasagna, garlic bread, tossed salad w/dressing

#3   Beef aujus,  potato chips, pickles

#4   Bratwurst, polish sausage, hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad, chips

#5   Hot chicken breast sandwich, pasta salad, chips

#6   Croissant sandwich (tuna chicken, ham or turkey salad), broccoli/cauliflower salad, chips

#7   Sloppy Joe, potato salad, pickles, chips, baked beans

#8   Bread bowl chili (includes shredded cheddar cheese and sour cream)

#9   Chef salad, dinner roll

#10   Wild rice hotdish (turkey, chicken or beef), vegetable, dinner roll

#11   Soup and sandwich (choice of soup: homemade vegetable beef, beef barley, broccoli/cheese, chicken salad on croissant, bread or hoagie)

#12   Box lunch, croissant sandwich, cold salad, chips, pickle, cookie or bar

Price per lunch: $8.00 plus tax

Price per lunch including beverage: $9.00 plus tax

***All lunches are served with dessert***


Dinner Menu

The following options are included in the price of each meal. All dinners are served with choice of dinner roll. Please select one option from the following:

1 Meat: $11.00 (plus tax)

2 Meats: $13.00 (plus tax)

3 Meats: $15.00 (plus tax)


Slow Cooked Oven Roasted Beef

Old Country Style Baked Ham

Marinated Chicken Breast

Breaded Chicken Breast

Chicken Kiev

Thick Center Cut Grilled Pork Chops

Stuffed Pork Chops

Oven Roasted Turkey


Baked Potatoes / Butter and Sour Cream

Augratin Potatoes

Scalloped Potatoes

Seasoned Baby Red Potatoes

Wild Rice Pilaf

Homemade Mashed Potatoes / Gravy


Creamy Coleslaw

Potato Salad

Fruit Salad

Pistachio Salad

Italian Pasta Salad

Broccoli / Cauliflower Salad

Tossed Salad / Dressing ($1.00 extra per plate)

Fresh Fruit ($.75 extra per plate)


Green Bean Almondine

Glazed Baby Carrots


Green Beans

Catering and Quality Meats